Recent News

Recent News

Recent News


In big 2019 news! Craig has added four new title awards  to  his  2019's  300 plus awards and honors:

2019 World Landscape Photographer Of The Year

2019 World Fine Art Photographer Of The Year

2019 USA Landscape Photographer Of The Year

2019 USA Fine Art Photographer Of The Year

His sweeping achievement at the annual World's Top 10 Fine Art & Landscape Photography Awards has people wondering whats next.


"Magic Mountain" continues to rise above it all with a GOLD Award and Trophy at the European 2020 WPE International Awards and listing Craig in the World's Top 100 Photographers of 2020.

Originally introduced to the world on the front of an edition of Digital Photographer Magazine.  See what it takes to create one of the hottest shots in landscape photography today...




"A highly exclusive & awarded collection of Craig Bill artworks featuring contemporary photographic techniques of our natural world."

The Vegas 2020 Collection was launched in early 2020 and headlines some of the popular recent released photographs from Craig Bill and are exclusively curated at the Carnevale Gallery inside Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas - known for it's world-class offerings.  These artworks are extremely limited to 25 per image with only 2 Artist Proofs.


The Book: The Art of Nature - Artist Proof Signature Book


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Discover Your World

From wispy mountain tops to silent lake caverns to surging underwater tidal reef landscapes, Craig challenges his genre norms and comforts to bring back visionary images of the world around us.

"I especially search for the profound natural places and events - ones that I hope will instill a sense of wonder and conservation..."



New Release

Peer into the mysterious darkness of remote New Mexico and experience the silent journey of millions of tiny suns hidden behind our busy bright days.

Starlight Starbright



Recent Releases

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