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Special Limited Offering

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Occasionally we have a special limited or "off menu" offering that is only updated here and not advertised for you to discover.  These artworks are extraordinary deals and provide an opportunity to augment or start your collection today.


Photographed in Arizona's sacred slot canyons.  "Sublunar" was recently featured at Outdoor Photographer Magazine and selected as a finalist in the annual contest and book.  Created in a Level 3 Premium Wood Scoop MOCHA frameset and ready-to-hang right out of the crate.  This is a 24x36 inch Limited Edition Metallic Luster photograph is under clear acrylic facing/glazing (Total size ~ 35x47 inches).  Gallery/website price $2700 now $1677 while it lasts. Includes custom crate, Certificate of Authenticity (COA), folder, cleaning kit. FREE SHIPPING continental USA.

Special Offering

SMsub IMG_1279B.jpg
SMsub IMG_1281.JPG
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