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Still time-lapse long exposure


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Texas/NewMexico Border

I have always loved storm chasing. It has never gotten old. Just the power these Great Plains storms have is amazing. The average thunderstorm releases the energy equivalent of a 20 kiloton nuclear weapon, or a small nuclear power plant. Electrical potential between cloud and ground must build up to levels of tens to hundreds of millions of volts before a lightning strike forms.

At any given moment, there are approximately 1,800 thunderstorms occurring over the Earth. It is estimated that 100 lightning flashes occur each second somewhere on the Earth, adding up to nearly 8 million lightning flashes per day.

This storm was not all that big, but it made up for it in intense electrical energy and light that was just incredible. This image comprises of five different lightning bursts layered over each other. After about an hour, the storm lost its gusto and disintegrated while others in the distance gained strength. ‘’Tempest’ is an image that records an atmospheric and celestial event over a time span (counting the moonrise). Most of the image, the storm and lightning, took only fifteen to twenty minutes to catch. ‘Tempest’ fuses these various dynamic elements into one photograph - like a still time-lapse.

EPSON Int'l Pano Awards #1 Image in the World 2012 - Gold
The World Open of Photography 2012 Finalist Award
2013 Int'l OneEyeLand Awards Silver & Bronze Award
2011 CBP Viewer's Choice Gold Award
Pixoto Top 1% Ranking of All Time
ePHOTOzine Top Editor's Choice Award,Reader's Choice Award
International Lucie Award (IPA) Honorable Mention
The Society of Int'l Nature & Wildlife Photographers (SINWP) Weather Competition Highly Commended
Pixoto Lightning Challenge Judges Award 1st Place
Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice Int'l Awards Semi-Finalist 2014
Stormy Weather Project People's Choice Award Nov 2014
2014 Int'l Loupe Awards Silver Award
2014 Neutral Density Photography Awards Honorable Mention
2015 Siena International Photo Awards 2nd Classified Nature
Force Of Nature Runner Up ViewBug 2015
Featured Hall of Fame photograph ViewBug Aug 2016
Double Gold 1st Place USA World's Top 10 Landscape Photographers 2017

3rd Place Stormy Days Photography Competition Motif Collective 2019

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