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Bisti Wilderness Natural Area in New Mexico is a true landscape photographers lottery win. It is a rather large primitive area in the four corners region encompassing 45,000 acres of eroded badlands, and offer some of the most unusual scenery on this side of the moon. Also called "De-Na-Zin” by the Navajo, hum, which if I took a stab at it means no amenities - no water, no toilets, no trails, signs or guideposts. Nothing. It is very easy to get lost here, even if you're careful. It can also be extremely hot in the daytime and very cold at night. A dedicated GPS unit is highly recommended, as there is very poor cell phone coverage in much of this area and even when there is coverage, phone maps don't provide details. Nothing.

Limited Editions 100

Artist Proofs 5

Bisti Wilderness Area, New Mexico USA

Finalist VB Boulders & Rocks Contest 2018

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