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Wishing Tree



This Japanese Maple tree is a famous and elusive photo subject. Found in the heart of Portland, Oregon, this tree looks really big in most pictures. But it is tiny. Its proportions in a picture fool you into thinking its a towering tree. In reality, its maybe 8 to 10 feet high. But what it lacks in height it makes up for in age. Some of the locals say this little tree is up to 80 years or older!

I visited this tree during the previous fall and captured it a fleeting yellow color. On this visit during the Spring, I found this tree to look more like what I thought it would look like in Fall... Although the reds can be brighter in the Fall, the color at this time was fantastic! The previous photograph, “The Golden Age” was captured during cloud cover and some drizzle... but in this photograph, “The Wishing Tree”, the Sun was fully uncovered. I was apprehensive about the range of contrast in this set up. It did take some adjusting and trials to “tell” the camera what otherwise it wanted to do or recommend. And using a very wide angle lens, I finally twisted into position to compose an unusual vertical photograph of this photogenic little tree.

The “Wishing Tree” reminds me of fantasy realms found in fairy-tale books - where elves, sprites and unicorns call home!

Warm filter

Japanese Gardens, Oregon USA

Limited Editions 500

Artist Proofs 30

Grand Winner I Shot It! 2015
MIFA 2017 Honorable Mention
Grand Winner Remarkable Trees Around the World ViewBug 2019
ePHOTOzine Reader's Choice Award
BTL (Behind the Lens) Featured ViewBug 2017
2013 Int'l OneEyeLand Awards Finalist Award
A Pixoto Top 1% Ranking of All Time, #1 Photo of the Day
Honorable Mention ND Intl Awards 2016
CreationEarth 2014 Spring/Summer 2nd Place
BetterPhoto Finalist Award December 2013
A Pixoto "Best of 2013" Nature Up Close
IPA Intl Photography Awards Honorable Mention 2015
2014 Int'l Loupe Awards Bronze Award
Fall 2017 Photo Contest Finalist ViewBug

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