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The Wave formation, Arizona USA

Only twenty people a day are allowed into this wilderness area by lottery. It was very easy to get lost as the directions in this beautiful desert formation are unclear for most casual hikers. At least limiting the amount of people a day makes it easier to find them in the event they become “naturally misplaced.”

There were about forty people/groups gathered at the ranger station ready to play an entrance lottery when I arrived. People from Germany, France, Japan, and other places that I was surprised to find there. The ranger announced that the web site had been down for several weeks and that the lottery will be held there at the ranger station. I was lucky it was there and not on the internet that had to be won months ahead of time - and that the twentieth person picked was me. I had wanted for years to see “The Wave” formation found along the Arizona/Utah border.

Although the actual formation is not expansive, the Wave is well worth the effort to experience. “Warp” is a curious corner of the Wave formation that light teased and played in. You can tell about how big this nook is by observing my footprints in the sand below.

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