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Valley of Dreams



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The Valley of Dreams, New Mexico USA

Waking up in the Valley of Dreams was really like not waking up from a dream at all...

Slightly South of Bisti Wilderness Area in New Mexico, an ancient remnant of lush, wetlands and forests in the age of dinosaurs lies desiccated and broken - The Valley Of Dreams. These are small areas were the skin of the land is torn open from erosion to reveal geologic and out of place structures and formations.  And just like Bisti, it completely lacks trails and directions.   

On this adventure, the plan was to find and photograph the Alien Throne and surrounding features as the planet flipped the sun from one side of the horizon to the other.  Even though waterfalls, rain forests, glaciers and mountains are obvious places to soak in the Earth’s energy, I have always returned to the desert - seeking the company of her more primal and subtle soul. The stoic features of the Valley of Dreams is a perfect meeting place of such a search.

The camera was battery dead from the all night captures for the star trail project. I state this because that’s what was going through my mind as my camping companion urgently and excitedly described a sunrise rainbow with his hands while a toothbrush jutted out of his mouth.  I scrambled out of the tent and fumbled fresh batteries into the camera as the sprinkling rain and flickering lightning commenced.  If it were not for my travel companion, I would have likely missed the rainbow and stayed in the tent, safe from the morning rain.  You never know when nature will express herself - and not care to wait for you  to be ready.

Limited Editions 100

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Sunrise Rainbow

MUSE Int'l Photography Awards 2023 Platinum Trophy Award
Pixoto Best of Week Award Nov 2020

WPE Europe Int'l Awards 2022 Silver Award
One Eyeland Awards 2020 Bronze Awarded
Vienna Photography Awards 2021 Honorable Mention
BetterPhoto Photograpy Submissions 2021 2nd Place July
ND Awards 2021 Honorable Mention

World's Top 10 Landscape Photographers 2022 Silver
MIFA 2021 Bronze Awarded
Shoot The Frame November 2021 Finalist
BetterPhoto 2022 2nd Place Award
EPSON Int'l Panoramic Awards 2022 Bronze Awarded
Landscape Photogrpahy Magazine Fullfame Featured April 2022

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