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Northern New Mexico is a place where your soul can easily find peace and harmony. Among the great ponderosa pine forests and mesa mountains you will find a deep native American culture complete with delicious green chile dishes. “Treestorm” was found on the crest of the mountains north of Jemez Springs Pueblo. Snow drifts threatened my steady slow drive up the curvy road. Beautiful new snow deposited around this altitude showed of its glistening sparkle - just as fresh as snow can get. Just over the mountains crest the snowfall suddenly disappeared and the snow clouds clumped up and sun broke through. Warmer air halted the snows advance and battled the colder weather on the other side just minutes away. When I drove around the curve and saw the one fall painted tree, I hit the breaks! Shafts of sunlight were fast moving in and out as I ran to position myself ready for the next floating sunlight - focusing on this glorious tree standing in front of deep, thick snow clouds.

I never did stay to see if the snowy cold weather or sunny warm weather won, but I will never forget how brightly lit and color blazed that one tree proudly hung onto autumn.

Limited Editions 500

Artist Proofs 30

Northern New Mexico, USA

Snow clouds forming

Finalist, 3rd Annual Nature's Colors, Outdoor Photographer Magazine
ViewBug Wall of Fame Featured Photograph 2018

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