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Yavapai Point, one of the Grand Canyon’s grand views, is considered by many to be a favorite overlook. Yavapai provides perhaps the best panorama of the three points on this part of the south rim as it is the most northerly, and the closest to the Colorado River, allowing for unobstructed views up and down the gorge.

Although several grand vista overlooks are in this part of the Grand Canyon National Park, rarely will you glimpse the Colorado River, the great artist of the canyon. The river is just visible due north, at the end of Pipe Creek, immediately west of which is Plateau Point

The morning that “Timeless” was made, I had no competition for space, no crowds, no distractions. Just a great morning there on the edge. If there is ever a regret, it may be that I do not live closer to this one -of-a-kind amazing landscape. No doubt, there are better times of the year to visit this rim of the park, as crowds dominate certain seasons.

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Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona USA

Morning at Yavapai Point

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