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Thunder Heart



Although storm chasing is crazy exciting, you never know what kind of shots you might get. Dancing with lighting obviously can be very dangerous. and this low hanging cloud was threatening me with random powerful bolts. Its hard to shoot lightning without observing and anticipating where it might strike next. I would set up my camera and tripod, peer through the lens and wait for a lightning strike to light up the sky - just so that I could see about where it might strike again and with what zoom might give me a good shot. Then hook up a control device that trips the shutter when a bright flash hits. Crash! Boom! I am now hiding in my vehicle, the camera just sitting out in the drizzle and wind. Finally a strike in the direction I had hoped! Did it get it, did it , did it? Thunder Heart was born in a blinding flash so bright and powerful, I never saw it directly.

Lightning Trigger equipment used to capture

Frying Pan Ranch, West Texas USA

Limited Editions 500

Artist Proofs 30

The Society of Int'l Nature & Wildlife Photographers (SINWP)
                     Weather Photography Competition 2nd Place

Nominee The International Color Awards 2018
Outdoor Photographer of the Year Shortlist 2017
Guest Editor Award
Reader's Choice Award

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