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Starquest Type 2:1


Multi position , long exposure, light painted w/ red LEDs

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Antelope Canyon, Arizona USA

Limited Editions 100

Artist Proofs 5

Audio Mood

Asura - Interlude Sky

I have seen Antelope Canyon several times in the popular daytime - complete with crowds and noise. In fact, this magical slot canyon is well known for its mid-day shafts of light that creatively penetrate through the curvy sandstone. I had always wondered what this place would be like at night. And when I had a last minute chance to go the first time, I jumped! Although the first night was super clouded and windy, I was allowed to try the next night before my time ran out exploring this desert domain around Page, Arizona. I was lucky, however, to find the next night lacking clouds or wind.

Finally, there I was, standing in the dark cracks in the earth with the stars peering in from above - no crowds or sounds at all. It was so different at night compared to the day. Here, star and moonlight ricocheted softly around the Navajo sandstone.

In this adventure of a completely dark area of Upper Antelope slot canyon, I softly light painted strategic areas of the canyon with small red LED lights. The red color of the LEDs forced the camera’s color balance to expose the sky with a vivid blue. Along with experimental multi-positioning, long 15 second exposing and light painting, a surreal image of the night sky revealing itself light years above the canyon walls was created.

Even though I was focused on tweaking the camera's settings and position, I was warned to watch my standing area and the canyon walls for huge Brown Recluse spiders (as one ran under my tripod). Now this sounds like a place in hell for most people, but I couldn't be more grateful for the night hikes experience into Antelope Canyon.

MUSE Int'l Photography Awards 2023 Platinum Trophy Award
World's Top 10 Landscape Photographers 2019 Silver Award

Pixoto #1 in Starscapes March 2019
One Eyeland Photograph of the Day April 16, 2019
Grand Winner - Shoot The Frame "Shoot The Land" May 2019,

                       Exhibition - Indian Photography Festival 2019
Neutral Density Int'l Awards 2019 Honorable Mention
Top 101, Book Inclusion - Int'l Landscape Photographer of the Year 2019
IPA Int'l Photography Awards 2019 Honorable Mention
The Motif Collective 2019 Shortlist Finalist February
BetterPhoto International Photo Contests 2019 1st Place Winner March
ePHOTOzine Photography Submissions 2019 Highly Commended Award,
                   Guest Editor's Award, Reader's Choice Award
Anual Photography Awards APA 2019 Honorable Mention

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