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Starfish Point



The entire Cayman Island chain are essentially a wildlife preserve.  I was surprised to see so much wildlife even among the hustling, busy human economy.  Huge crabs crossing the roads, sea turtles swimming curiously with snorkelers, and iguanas impostering squirrels both around grounds and up in trees.  In fact, the highly protected Blue Iguana is seen wandering about frequently.  

A special place called Starfish Point is another such wildlife mingling.  This lazy, calm inner tip of Grand Cayman features shallow, sandy environment perfect for starfish.  Except for the occasional stingray or floating jellyfish, this point is peacefully ruled by meandering Red Cushion Sea Stars.  Even from the beach (where insane mosquitoes await), you can see the red, orange and yellow starfish dotting the shallows of super clear Caribbean water.  And they move surprisingly fast.  Looking around you will find the one by your foot is now a meter away.  Still, chasing them down is obviously easy and getting great shots of them above and below the water is more fun than I can adultly admit.

Limited Editions 500

Artist Proofs 30

Cayman Islands, Caribbean

Over/under water image

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World's Top 10 Landscape Photographers 2019 Finalist Award

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