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Bamboo trees


Austin, Texas USA


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Bamboo is a plant-like tree that I have always loved. To sit among these forests it is easy to feel a particular peace or zen. The basking soft green light filters through the dense canopy of soaring leaves above. This dance of light, color, and shadow go on all day changing the forest mood hour by hour.

Bamboos are some of the fastest growing plants in the world. They are capable of growing 39 in. or more per day due to a unique rhizome-dependent system. However, the growth rate is dependent on local soil and climatic conditions.

“Solstice” is one of two bamboo forest images of this particular grove of trees that I have enjoyed creating. The other is “Jade” that shows the trees from a totally different angle. “Solstice” shows this tall forest from laying on my back looking straight up. I had to time this shot at just the right time of on and off cloud cover so that all of the leaves would not be washed out with too much bright light. I must have taken at least 200 exposures so that I could finally pick the best one.

YouPic Inspiration Featured 2020

Pixoto Best Of Year Award 2019

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