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Brand Partnerships, Ambassadorships & Sponsorships
Craig is an Official Brand Ambassador for several brands. We are now looking to add to the list... Get your product or service promoted on Craig Bill Photography social media, interviews and videos including an upcoming series comprising several episodes showcasing Craig on various adventures and behind the scenes footage of how he hunts down his award winning shots! We are interested in brands that coincide with Craig's mission to protect and document some amazing places for the future. Let's partner up and have fun! Contact us

Fine Artworks
An edition of a Craig Bill artwork represents the image's intended ultimate creative destination and highest quality level of release - and is individually hand signed, numbered and cataloged by the Artist himself. Additionally, a corresponding Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each piece.

"Change Your View" Art Lease Program" Artworks
Special constructed frames that accept rotated inserts for residential or commercial dynamic spaces.

Image Licensing, Publications, Press & Media
Craig's images have been licensed by and contributed to companies, publications, and organizations:
Advertisements, Brochures, Calendars, Mailing Lists, Magazine Articles, Books and Presentations
If you would like to license an image for use please feel free to Contact us. In your licensing request please briefly outline the location within publication, printed size, and circulation volume.

Speaking and Competition Judging
Craig enjoys talking about his experiences and is passionate about photography and adventure. He has also been on international judging panels/ contest creation and loves to collaborate, organize and brainstorm with creative people on just about anything.

Advocacy & Stewardship
A portion of the proceeds of purchases will fund and direct The Nature Conservancy and other organizations as part of our synergistic mission to advocate preservation and sustainability of wilderness areas such as but not limited to locations you discover and experience through Craig Bill Photography. Additionally, Craig Bill Photography uses materials that are environmentally green at every chance. This includes inks, machines, processes, finishes and materials such as frames and substrates.

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