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Sapphire Type 3:2



Mossbrae Falls, on many accounts, has been described as one of the most scenic waterfalls in all of California. It is like a hidden paradise, or Garden of Eden. One could easily spend hours here, mesmerized by the incredible beauty of the falls... and it is not in a national or state park. This unique waterfall, only about 50 ft. high, but about 150 ft. wide, is on unsecured private property. The water cascades from springs down the moss-covered river canyon wall, and down into the Sacramento River itself, creating the effect of many waterfall streams falling into the river.

The trail to the falls is also very interesting. It follows right beside the railroad tracks. In some places it is so narrow that you wonder what you would do if a train happened by - which they do regularly. The biggest problem though, would be the loud noise of a train right beside you, more than any real danger.

I captured this image during morning twilight so that the shadows exposed the water as dreamy blue.

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Limited Editions 500

Artist Proofs 30

Redding, California USA

Long exposure


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