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Luminosity FL6795
  • Luminosity FL6795

    An Limited Edition Craig Bill Artwork represents the image's intended ultimate creative destination and highest quality level of release - and is individually hand signed, numbered and cataloged by the Artist himself. Additionally, a corresponding Certificate of Authenticity, artrwork documents & folder accompanies each Limited Edition piece. Pricing may increase with notice.


      This 25 limited edition (2 Artist Proofs) image is part of the Vegas 2020 Collection held at Carnevale Gallery in Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV at (702) 812-2706 .  The introductory sizes are:

      45x30in   Acrylic Artwork $2,700.00 (size before framing unless frameless float mounted)

      60x40in   $4,800.00 Acrylic Artwork (size before framing unless frameless float mounted)

      45x30in   $777.00 Loose Metallic Luster Print

      60x40in   $1,200.00 Loose Metallic Print

      Other sizes, contact for info.


      All artworks come with a 30 day unconditional purchase price money back guarantee. Return shipping not included.


      USA & Canada shipping is included with your order unless it is not qualified. If this is the case, we will contact you for the additional shipping amount.  Usually this concerns the largest artworks and is commonly $200-$400usd.  Shipping times vary among different types of artworks.  Typically 2-4 weeks depending on materials and complexity.


      Each artwork is intriniscally custom crafted, so all dimensions shown on the sight are simply common.  Contact us for any particular size.  Each photograph is available in any possible size up to its largest resolution.


      FREE! Need a complimentary artwork rendering with the frame you like along with a price list of details? Email or call us anytime.

      FREE! Interested and want a personal, closer look? Call or email us and we will send you a small image sample pack free (USA)! Also, buy a poster to proof color and detail (Free shipping in USA and Canada). Then, if you buy an artwork later, we will credit you the poster price! Call or email anytime.

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