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Images are offered in several fashions: the Master Edition, the Artist Proof, and the Limited Edition.

An edition of a Craig Bill artwork represents the image's intended ultimate creative destination and highest quality level of release - and is individually hand signed, numbered and cataloged by the Artist himself. Additionally, a corresponding Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each piece. Furthermore, "imp" may also be scribed on each print. "Imp" is a Latin indication of “has printed it” meaning the Artist personally printed himself or personally oversees the printing of. Pricing varies by size and quantity historically sold.



Editions Info

All artworks come with a 30 day unconditional purchase price money back guarantee. Return shipping not included.


All Artworks now have FREE SHIPPING USA coast to coast AND Canada. Some restrictions may apply.

Prints/artworks can be created in any possible size up to its largest size - including multi-panel displays. Sizes on this website are most common. Contact us for custom size quotes.

Definition of ownership

Different than most artists, you own content instead of a product.  For example, if you decide later that your “Sapphire” 36x12 acrylic print should now be a 72x24 aluminum metal print (or other undeveloped future technology or material), it is possible as long as the previous artwork is shipped back for destruction so that the new one can be created AND as long as the Artist is reasonably able to do so.  The serial number makes this possible.



Limited Edition Prints are created using archival materials that are limited to:

  • Metallic Luster Prints. This mostly preferred specialty paper chosen by Craig personally to showcase his images has subtle metallic qualities that introduces a luminous and beautiful presentation. This paper reacts with light, and allows the photograph to actually change with lighting conditions - much more than FCA aka Fuji Crystal Archive or other standard prints. Appropriately named metallic paper (but not commercial metallic papers commonly used that are foil-like and brassy), the compounds contained in the laminate layers of this paper captures light and disperses it in different ways determined by the amount, angle, type and intensity of light in a given space. Characteristics of Metallic Luster prints are image clarity, color saturation/purity, luster textured (not glossy), metallic featured, as well as having longevity qualities able to produce super-gamut accuracy to the original image. Usually hand printed by The Artist himself. This type of print requires framing with acrylic or TruVue acrylic. Fuji Chrystal Archive or other prints alternatively available. Arrives ready to hang. VIDEO HERE

  • Metallic Acrylic Prints aka Metallic Pearl Gloss Acrylic Prints. The high gloss of the acrylic face mounting process compliments the rich colors of any image printed on the companion paper to the Metallic Luster prints - Metallic Pearl Gloss - to produce stunning, smooth and glossy results. Amazing depth & detail - artwork “glistens” and appears “backlit”. Usually displayed as a frameless Float Mounted image where the artwork has the appearance of "floating" off the wall about 1 inch. Can be framed and Multiple Panel Presentations can also be created, contact for information. Fuji Chrystal Archive or other prints alternatively available. Arrives ready to hang. VIDEO HERE

  • Metal Prints Alternatively Available.  By request

FREE! Need a complimentary artwork rendering with the frame you like along with a price list of details? Email or call us anytime.



  • Master Edition 1/1

If your seeking a one-of-a-kind Masterwork release, then this ultimate edition was designed for you or your organization. Numbered 1/1 and marked ME, these prints represent the highest possible collected Craig Bill artwork. After the image is created as a Master Edition, then it will not be available in the future to any collector. Since the artist must be directly involved in the acquisition of a Master Edition, please contact us to discuss availability, commissions and invitations to view the current Preview Gallery.  Otherwise,if a photograph is initially created as an edition 1/500 due to normal purchase fulfillment, then a Master Edition can and will not exist of that photograph in the future.  Timing is essential for the acquisition of a Master Edition with acquisitions between 90k - 500k currently.

  • Artist Proofs x/30, x/2

The Artist Proof or "âpreuve d’Artiste" (AP) is the best choice for an exclusively collected artwork. These are much more limited in number and represent a 6% or 30 editions outside the Limited Edition numbers and are priced higher than the limited edition prints. Each is signed and numbered but differ by a marked “AP” by the signature. Additionally, each Artist Proof is accompanied by a hand written note from the artist about his experience and/or stories - told and untold - that pertain to that image and decrees his personal connection to the image from conception to actual print. Contact for availability and acquisition.

  • Limited Editions x/500, x/100, x/25

This signed & numbered artwork is the cornerstone of Limited Editions and is the choice for most collectors. Depending on the particular photograph (usually 500, 100 or 25), a maximum number are created for each Limited Edition image, up to it’s largest size (sizes on this website are the most common sizes, but any size can be printed up to it's largest size - call or contact us for specific custom sizes). The number of editions is INCLUSIVE OF SIZE (meaning only the maximum number created across all available sizes.)


  • Commemorative Editions
    As a new edition, The Commemorative Editions (CE) are Limited Editions or Artist Proofs that are created to coincide with and celebrate with the Artist, the awarding, recognition or event surrounding a Craig Bill photograph - and is not priced higher. These unique prints number only five per award and are distributed as the next five prints following the event. For example, when "Image" is awarded (even though 1 artist proof and 20 limited editions have already been created and distributed), then the next five prints, whether the collector is aware of it or not, will receive a Commemorative Edition. This will result in the next possible numbering scenario of a CE print: say 21/500CE, 22/500CE, 23/500CE, 2/30APCE, 24/500CE) The Commemorative Edition is a Sub-Edition of the other main editions (limited edition & artist proofs). If you miss out, then the only possible way to obtain a CE print is either through a previous collector or if the photograph achieves an award again. To be aware of any CE print availabilities, call, sign up for the Newsletter, Instagram, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or visit the posted awards often. These prints are directly indicated and inscribed with a "CE" by the signature and number along with a certificate.



Inscription Legend


These are a quick recap of inscriptions found on Craig Bill artworks:

"imp" a latin indication of “has printed it” meaning the Artist personally printed himself or personally oversees the printing of. Usually Metallic Luster Prints.
"ME" Master Edition.
"AP" Artist Proof.
"CE" Commemorative Limited Edition.
"APCE" Commemorative Artist Proof.

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