Explore the entire collection of Craig's images from visually expansive panoramic shots to the more framed and focused composure of vertical orientations.  Discover how Craig uses a photograph's shape to define its story and visual presence.

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A curated collection of a few highly awarded and popular images that traveled around the world from Moscow to Tokyo and seen in publications and events worldwide.

Craig releases only a few images a year.  These are the latest photographs that sometimes take months to be released.  Certain aspects that establish them as "Released Status" include:

  • Final processing adjustments like color balance, contrast, proofing and various other considerations.

  • Supporting content such as videos, forms, edition database, and other establishment.

  • Development and release content such as stories, descriptions and titles.

  • Print assessment and evaluation such as physical resolution (max print), general appeal, proofing and other considerations.

  • May also be currently entered in various contests and submitted to publications nationally, and internationally.

"A highly exclusive & awarded collection of Craig Bill pictorial artworks featuring contemporary photographic techniques of our natural world."

The Vegas 2020 Collection was launched in early 2020 and features some of the popular recent released photographs from Craig Bill and are exclusively curated at the Carnevale Gallery inside Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, known for it's world-class offerings.  These artworks are extremely limited to 25 per image with only 2 Artist Proofs.

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