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Outdoor Photographer Magazine Top Finalist, The Great American Landscape 2017
BetterPhoto 1st Place Oct 2014
Mark of Excellence Award I Shot It! 2016
The 2015 Color Awards Nominee in Nature
MegaShot Featured
YouPic Inspirational Rated
72dpi Spotlight Featured
Reader's Choice Award
Highly Commended Award
2014 Int'l Loupe Awards Bronze Award
Double Finalist World's Top 10 Landscape Photographers 2017
All-Time Winner 20th Anniversary 2016 BetterPhoto
Showcased Photograph of the Day BetterPhoto
Nominee in Nature 2016 Fine Art Photography Awards
PPA Merit and General Collection Accepted July 2017
Finalist Award, VB Dry Tree Contest
Honorable Mention in Nature Chromatic Photography Awards 2017
VB Featured Photograph 2017

The “Boneyard” beach located on Edisto Island, South Carolina, is one of the most interesting coastal zones I have visited. It seems the area is being over taken by the Atlantic Ocean, featuring these old oak trees clinging to the continent’s edge.

The old plantation and surrounding land on Edisto Island was a gift from the Margaret Pepper family and was granted to the State of South Carolina in 1977 by Mr. Pepper. His wish was only able to be used after his wife passed away so she would have the opportunity to continue her years on the land she so loved. Now a Wildlife Management Area operated by South Carolina's Department of Natural Resources, is open to the public and continues to thrill your adventurous side as you experience an unspoiled land... Going to Botany Bay Plantation and the unique “Boneyard” beach provides you with an opportunity to step back in time and fall in love with the beauty of the Carolina's "Lowcounty".

I hiked to this spot on Botany Bay beach early on a Spring morning. I had scouted out this tree the evening before and knew it would make a fantastic subject. The tide was up and added more seawater motion around the tree as the sunlit horizon flared in day break color... It all came together as I stood there in the cold surfwater: color, motion and trees - Tidal Trees.
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