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 - Panoramic 3:1
International Lucie Award (IPA) Honorable Mention
CreationEarth Best Nature Photo Editor's Pick
PanoramicPanorama Jan 2014 Winner
ViewBug Top Class Award

I have always been amazed by the different forests. And what a different feeling when hiking among them - including the great southwest! I just love the desert, and visiting Arizona is a special occasion for that. Just walk along the Saguaro cactus and it is hard to believe that something so big can develop in such a harsh and hot landscape. I staked out a nice grouping of this giants in time for the sunset. I originally hoped for a crazy colored sky as usual, but instead found a peaceful and smooth, slightly breezy super comfortable sky. As the sun approached the horizon, I started snapping away until the sunlight collapsed. The color scheme left behind recorded in my camera is entirely different than what I had imagined for this super quiet place!

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