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One aspect of photography that I take advantage of is the time of day. Different light angles, color of light, and mood are just a few of the big changes that take place with shifting time of day. Finding the "hidden" light that is either an unpopular visiting time, inconvenient, uncomfortable or just not explored - can take a photograph to another level of discovery.

In Lunar Cliffs, I knew when and where the Sun and Moon were to rise on this day. I also noticed how the canyon walls painted themselves in increasing blue and pink hues during the failing light of the sunset. Toroweap is a common "sunset" vista - but I wanted other times of the day as well. I decided to set up my tent right on the edge of the 3000 foot cliffs, set up the tripod and waited for deep night. Right about total darkness, the cold wind kicked up real bad and flattened my tent on top of me. I just hoped it wasn't enough to carry me over the side! Sleeping (or nonsleeping) on the side of a 3000 foot cliff may not sound appealing to most people, but I wanted to be prepared for both the moonrise and sunrise along with all the dancing light and constellations in between.

Later that night favorably gave me calm wind and a bright moonrise (which I misjudged by an hour). In fact, the Moon was so bright I used a starburst lens to give it an artistic flare. Also, the Pleiades star cluster peeked over the horizon right after the Moon. Lunar Cliffs is another fusion image or still time lapse of a longer nighttime time frame that captures the moonrise, Jupiter and the Pleiades cresting above the one of the Grand Canyon's most beautiful vistas.

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