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Sand dunes have always been a favorite place for me. Of the different dune areas, including The Great Sand Dunes of Colorado, White Sands National Monument in New Mexico remains one of my top rated dunes destinations. This mountain-fringed valley encompasses the world's greatest gypsum dune fields - a natural wonder of glistening, giant, wave-like dunes of white gypsum sand dynamically shifting over 275 square miles of desert.

“Silver Sands” is one of my first images to use multiple exposure that is superimposed for a final result. Although it has taken several attempts and remasters, this image represents two very different times of the day to get these exposures. This produces an image that captures more than one moment to express an experience over a duration of time.

The sunset light and late star glow gives this image an ethereal feel - a feel I used to create the title.

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