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 - Full Frame 3:2
1st Place AAM Celebration of the Arts 2011
2014 Int'l Loupe Awards Bronze Award
2014 Neutral Density Photography Awards Honorable Mention

Death Valley is a severe and unforgiving place. Within this National Park you can find some very mysterious and isolated terrains. One area that I visited was the “racetrack”, where rocks move by themselves across a deserted flat plain. Another area many miles away rests 282 feet below sea level - it features the lowest, driest, and hottest location in North America. This area is called Badwater.

“Creation” was taken in this area - where a record 134 degrees occurred during the summer of 1913. It might seem dead and isolated, but there is a story here that I hope “Creation” proposes and invites.

This image comprises four different exposures and camera filters taken over several hours to achieve the final photograph. I set up and took the first set of images during late afternoon/ early evening. Some exposures were taken while the last rays of the setting sun lit the clouds over the Panamint Mountains. Other longer five minute exposures detailed twilight on the ground, and later completely dark ones captured the stars above.

“Creation” is a fusion of multiple images over time to create and reveal the mysterious nature of this harsh landscape.

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