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Slot canyons are among some of the most mysterious and beautiful places I have found myself exploring. Antelope slot canyon, owned by the Navajo Indians, is located close to the
Arizona town of Page. Antelope canyon is split in two sections; the lower north canyon and the Upper south canyon. Even though both are of the same slot canyon system, they differ greatly. “Inferno” was taken in the lower part of Antelope canyon. Just the light reflecting, angling, and bouncing around at different times of the day create astonishingly contrasting moods.

Blasted naturally out of Navajo sandstone, these slot canyons are made by thunderstorms. It may seem strange that such a dry and beautiful place in the north Arizona desert was created this way. In fact, the rushing flash flood waters from these thunderstorms can start many miles away before they carve through these canyons up to seventy miles per hour. Meanwhile, the sky is totally cloud free and blue above.

“Inferno” was created using a “warm” lens that accentuates the warm tones while diminishing the cooler shades of shadows. Because of this light and color, this image captures the hot enigmatic feel of the southwest deserts.

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