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About the time I made it into Oneonta Gorge in Oregon, part of the larger Columbia River Gorge natural area, it had begun to lightly rain. My short hike into this absolutely beautiful world was met with some concern. First, the trail starting into the Gorge is made of a cold stream. So it was cold wet, and rainy, but that did not discourage me a bit about visiting this area for the first time. Previous travel photos I had seen of the Columbia River Gorge, lured me across the country to this spot. And my sense of adventure was totally peaked. Next, now that I was wet, I had to climb a twenty foot fallen log dam. This wooden barrier was completely slick with very little places to grab unto. One fall here and this trip would be over! Carefully I balanced and crawled with my forty pound back pack. I remember thinking that I should have secured some equipment insurance before I came here!

Beyond that obstacle, the gorge opened up to meet me. Just magical! Quiet and commanding, this place is to be returned to. Although someone had warned me, I was terrified by the occasional falling rocks from above. In fact, a twenty pound rock landed a few feet away - and that would have ended this trip for certain for me or the camera! While capturing various angles of this emerald green abyss, I would have to wipe my lens every time, or it became so soaked that the images were ruined! “Mystical” is a special photograph to me because it freezes in time the overwhelming view and feeling of the Oneonta Gorge at first sight.

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Limited Editions 500

Artist Proofs 30

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon USA

Oneonta gorge

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Finalist World's Top 10 Landscape Photography Awards 2018

Pixoto Best of Year Award 2019

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