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Moonbeam Type 2:3



One of the most intriguing landscapes I’ve visited is the “Race Track” deep inside Death Valley National Park. This is the place that rocks mysteriously move along the ground. While almost always dry, its unusually flat surface is covered with small but firm hexagonal clay or mud crack polygons. Most people who make this primitive road trip go to see the rocks with trials stretched out behind them - eluding to the never-captured-on-video movement, yet.

The road here is almost thirty miles of rough rocks and wash areas after the paved one ends. I do like how difficult it is to get here, but wow its rough and beautifully desolate!

For me, I wanted to immerse myself into an all night shooting spree to show this weird expanse of mysterious desert in a different way. “Moonbeam” incorporated a fusion of exposures to capture the still image (with an LED lighted tent) and an experimental camera movement during shutter release to create the moon-trail. A moving exposure and a still exposure fused together. When I look at this photograph it accurately captures the still, cool, immense and super quiet place as I experienced it standing there in the middle of nowhere - bathed in shifting moonlight.

Fusion of long exposure still &

moving camera shots

See the full 3:2 image

Death Valley, California USA

Limited Editions 100

Artist Proofs 5

Updating soon...

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