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Still time-lapse

Singapore's explosive activity is on display every night.  Among the downtown cityscape of Southeast Asia's citystate ecotropolis, touring boats zip back and forth giving onlookers the best views of Singapore's Nightly light show.  A city adorned in eco-buildings and tropical zoning, Singapore is a multicultural crossroad home to a 5.6 million population.  And the downtown skyline is as future-tech and eco-tech as it can get.

This image is a still time lapse fusion of long exposures between 5 seconds up to 30 seconds over 10 minutes of total time.

Singapore, Singapore

Limited Edition 100

Artist Proofs 5

YouPic Inspiration Featured 2020

ePHOTOzine Reader's Choice Award, Highly Commended Award 2020

Shoot The Frame STF June Finalist 2020

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