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Landing Angels Type 3:1



Angel Oak, South Carolina

Warm filters & camera settings

Judge's Comment: "WOW...A striking landscape, beautifully captured and processed!"


Spending time exploring the coast of South Carolina was time well spent.  Old plantation locations settled in among aging, mossy trees and green country roads naturally spark curiosity and adventure.  While hanging around the Charleston area, I found so many featured spots of interest that are highly under reported.  And photographically, it’s a wonderful place to play.

Among other places on my list to visit, the Angel Oak tree was on the top.  This little private park can come with lots of protection and lots of people visiting.  So to photograph it, you have to be patient.  Angel Oak is said to be one of the oldest living oak trees east of the Mississippi River. It stands 65 feet (20m or 6 stories) tall, is 28 ft (8.5 m) in circumference, and an area of 17,000 square feet is shaded by its looming reach. The largest branch reaches 187 feet.  It’s age is estimated to be close to 400 years old!

These native Southern live oaks are often found in the lowland country of the coastal Carolinas or the “Lowcountry”.  They tend to grow sprawling outward more than upward but, due to its historic age, the Angel Oak shatters many of these records.  Its branches radiate in all directions, with some snaking underground and then growing back up above the surface.



Landscape Photography Magazine Home Splash Screen Feature Sept 2020
One Eyeland Awards 2020 GOLD Awarded
WPE Europe Awards 2020 Silver Awarded
YouPic Inspiration Featured 2020
ePHOTOzine Reader's Choice Award, Highly Commended Award 2020
OneEyeland Photo of the Day Aug 2020
Shoot The Frame Finalist Award August 2020
GlobalCapture IG Feature 2020
Longexposure Shots IG Featured Post 2020
RISE Int'l Photography Awards 2020 Bronze
ND Awards 2020 Honorable Mention
World's Top 10 Landscape Photographers 2022 GOLD
MPI Master Photo Image Challenge 2022 Silver Award

BetterPhoto Oct 2020 2nd Place Winner
EPSON Int'l Pano Awards 2020 Silver Awarded
Siena Int'l Photography Awards 2021 Shortlist Finalist
FAPA Itn'l 2021 Nominated
MUSE Photography Awards 2021 Platinum Trophy
Vienna Photography Awards 2021 Honorable Mention

MIFA 2021 Honorable Mention

Tokyo Int'l Photo Awards 2021 Official Selection
Motif Collective Honorable Mention September 2022

Annual Photography Awards APA 2021 Honorable Mention


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