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Morning Glory



One aspect of photography that I take advantage of is the time of day. Different light angles, color of light, and mood are just a few of the big changes that take place with shifting time of day. Finding the "hidden" light that is either an unpopular visiting time, inconvenient, uncomfortable or just not explored - can take a photograph to another level of discovery.

But it is hard to hide away from the sunrises and sunsets!  One of my favorite spots is the overlooks at Grand Canyons Toroweap.  Waiting and watching the sky's clouds and sunrise timing can be exhilarating or very disappointing.  This morning I was not let down.  As the sun blazed forth, the patterned clouds above lit up in a way I was not anticipating. I really don't think waking up at Toroweap is ever a bad idea...

Limited Editions 100
Artist Proofs 5

Toroweap Overlook, Arizona USA


Shoot The Frame July 2023 Finalist
BetterPhoto 2nd Place Winner August 2023

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