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Singapore's signature Supertree Grove – a collection of giant cyborg trees nestled among the downtown cityscape of Southeast Asia's citystate ecotropolis.  A city adorned in eco-buildings and tropical zoning, Singapore is a multicultural crossroad home to a 5.6 million population.  And the Super Grove is the epitome of bio and eco-tech as it can get.

Towering between 80 and 160ft tall, each Supertree is a vertical garden supporting a range of tropical ferns, vines, orchids and other plants, which climb over the soaring, indigo skeletal eco-structures.

Each Supertree is a futuretech designed to emulate the function of a real tree, with photovoltaic cells to mimic photosynthesis and contribute energy to run the area garden park. The trees also harvest water during Singapore's frequent heavy rains and channel it throughout the park wherever irrigation or fountains are needed. Some are also used as exhaust structures for the Parks' underground biomass infrastructures.

Singapore, Singapore

Limited Editions 100

Artist Proofs 5

BeterPhoto Finalist March 2020

Moscow International Foto Awards MIFA 2020 Silver Medal

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