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Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park ,  California USA

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park is an area, located in Humboldt County, California, near the town of Orick and is a coastal sanctuary for old-growth Coast Redwood trees. Beautiful, full fern drenched understory growth is the stage set for the surrounding gigantic trees. Besides the enormous redwood trees, other amazingly beautiful plant life abounds.

When I happened along this grouping of strange shaped and bent formed tree grove... I felt like I just stepped onto another planet! Beautiful moss covered almost every inch of the trees. And the dripping green ferns and other surrounding plant life perfectly framed the entire scene. Throw in just the right amount of mist drifting through the trees and one big redwood tree in the background and I was in heaven!

Capturing this scene on camera was not too challenging - as long as the Sun did not break through the mist. Many photographers realize that moisture drenched plants, flowers and trees make for beautifully saturated images - as long as pure sunlight does not interfere. Meanwhile, the mist and fog give the entire area perfectly even lighting, so no stark and contrast-like shadows exist. Just crazy beautiful!

EPSON Int'l Pano Awards Bronze Award

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