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Event Horizon




Driving through Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I watched the first Fall snowstorm breaking apart... And, as a photographer, I knew that sometimes bad, changing or shifting weather can be the ingredient or magic that can put a normal photograph to shame. Although I was extremely tired from the multi-state drive, I decided to push on and see if the retreating snow clouds would give me a photographic opportunity - but it was not looking too good. It was starting to get dark and the clouds were still too thick. It was still even snowing! By the time I found this spot close to the highway, sunset light broke through, igniting the underside of the breaking mountain peak clouds! I set up in a flash - but it was very cold and very windy. I really wanted a little longer exposure to show the fast moving atmosphere crashing over the Grand Tetons. Shifting light and a shaking camera were killing my fleeting opportunity! I composed the various shots, started the shutter, and flew open my jacket like a sail to block as much wind as possible from the tripod and camera - exposing my T-shirted self over and over again to negative wind-chill temperatures. "Click" - "Yikes, that's an awful shot" - adjust, adjust. "Click" - blown-out... sunset over. I finally gave up as I could not feel my fingers anymore pressing the remote release shutter and hoped that it was not all in vain. "Event Horizon" was the photograph that almost was... not.

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Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming USA

Outdoor Photographer Magazine Image of the Day May 2017
I SHOT IT Mark of Excellence Award
BetterPhoto September 2013 Finalist Award
TOP 100 IMS (Int'l Mountain Summit) Photo Contest 2014
EPSON Int'l Pano Awards Bronze Award 2014

Int'l Loupe Awards Bronze Award 2014
Neutral Density Photography Awards Honorable Mention 2014
Panoramic Nominee FAPA Fine Art Photography Awards 2015
World of Yellow Photography Contest  ViewBug 2016
Intl Proify Awards Top 50 2017

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