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Kentucky USA

Kentucky to me is a rainforest. Everywhere you look - green. “Escape” was taken on my way to Lost River Cave. This is Kentucky's only underground boat tour. Nestled on the floor of the scenic valley, unseen from above, the Lost River disappears from view as you board the boat on the river cave opening.

Although I was not able to see the cave that day due to flooding, the surrounding area was just hours of beauty. In this forested area close to town, the Treetop Bridge, as this bridge is known, is some 40-50 feet up among the tree canopy that takes you across the river.

I really wanted to get a good image of this bridge because it had such an interesting design that would lend well to photographic perspective. It took awhile, as people would wander into the setup while is was shooting. I knew that with a little patience, it would only be a short time before I collected several shots. All while hanging out in the tree tops.

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