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The California coastline displays some of the most dynamic and moody seascape scenes - even dangerous. Especially the North California coast. Here, the slightest change in atmosphere can make for a bad outdoor experience if you get caught out in it with all of your equipment. So, that being stated, this can be a unique and rewarding challenge to set-up in.

Although I had planned the entire evening for this location, I was uncertain as to the weather, light, and ocean swell conditions. I must have snapped away two hundred or more exposures to finally have enough to choose from to create “Shores of Titan”. At times, I found myself running for higher ground leaving my camera behind on the tripod as huge surges of seawater filled the surrounding area where I had been standing. Luckily, the camera was secure and higher than the swells.

4356_4 contest.jpg

Limited Editions 500

Artist Proofs 30

Kalmath Cove, California USA

64 second long exposure

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