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Echos of Light


Warm filters


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Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona USA

During certain times of the day, pillars of sunlight invade into secret passages of Antelope Canyon. The colors bouncing around on the Navajo sandstone are exquisitely influenced by the direct and indirect daylight from above.

“Echoes of Light” is a favorite slot canyon niche of mine and is the back view of the famous “Angel Arch”. In this “cove”, mostly reflected indirect light is at play... by using a specific warm camera filter, I was able to single out and enhance this colorful pink and orange light. Also, I had my travel friend throw dirt into the air through the shafts of invading light so that they would become visible in a slightly long exposure.

Slot canyons like these were one of my top choices for creating images. Because the light plays on the sandstone in ways that change wildly from hour to hour, it is easy to believe why the Navajo regarded these unusual natural areas to have spiritual significance.

2013 Int'l OneEyeLand Awards Silver & Bronze Award
CreationEarth 2013 Fall/Winter 4th Place
Shoot The Frame Finalist Oct 2017
500px Popular Rated
ePHOTOzine Highly Commended Award
BetterPhoto September 2013 Finalist Award
Grand Jury Winner in Adobe PS World Photo Contest
Nominee in Nature 2016 Fine Art Photography Awards
Honorable Mention PX3 Paris Photography Awards 2017
IPA Intl Photography Awards Panoramic Honorable Mention 2017

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