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Creation's Fury



Death Valley is a severe and unforgiving place. Within this National Park you can find some very mysterious and isolated terrains. One area that I visited was the “racetrack”, where rocks move by themselves across a deserted flat plain. Another area many miles away rests 282 feet below sea level - it features the lowest, driest, and hottest location in North America. This area is called Badwater.

“Creation” and “Creation’s Fury” were both taken in this area - where a record 134 degrees occurred during the summer of 1913. It might seem dead and isolated, but there is a story here that I hope “Creation’s Fury” proposes and invites.

This image comprises two exposures and camera filters to achieve the final photograph. I set up and took the first image during late afternoon/ early evening while the last rays of the setting sun lit the clouds over the Panamint Mountains, and later darker star exposures were made.

“Creation’s Fury” is a fusion of two images over time to create and reveal the mysterious nature of this harsh landscape.

Limited Editions 500

Artist Proofs 30

Death Valley, California USA

Still time-lapse

Video Below

ViewBug Peer Choice Award Nov 2017

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