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Close Encounter



Sometimes you just gotta have fun.  The weather was looking better than expected, and the cameras were set up for all night star trail exposures.  Just a little time before the project was set into motion.  This gave me some time to play with the drone's new attached lights and a cool lantern prop to compose an extraterrestrial vision.  Although it was not as easy as that of course. So believe me when I say it took over 50 shots doing each thing to get it all right and to get enough data. Only after a couple weeks later was I relieved to see that there were a few good takes because most of the shots were totally unusable and unsuccessful. 


New Mexico is famous for UFO sightings, including of course, The Roswell Incident in the 50's.  There is just so much open and uninhabited space to feel lonely in and to see fantastic dark starry night skies.  Do you believe?

Fusion of long exposure &

drone & lantern light painting

Shiprock, New Mexico, USA

Limited Editions 100

Artist Proofs 5

ePHOTOzine Top Editor's Choice Award, Guest Editor's Award, Reader's 
                   Choice Award Nov 2019
One Eyeland Photograph of the Day Nov 2019
Dark Sky Travels Magazine Featured Photograph Nov 2019
#1 in Starscapes Pixoto Nov 2, 2019
Pixoto Best of Year Award 2019
ND Awards 2021 Honorable Mention


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