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City of the Sky


Pueblo del Arroyo


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Chaco Culture, New Mexico USA

After miles of dirt roads, I finally arrived at the ruins of Chaco Culture. It was this hub of the ancient world that activities such as trading, spiritual events and information exchange took place. And all of these aspects of Chaco Culture operation depended deeply on the sky - day and night. All excavation evidence shows that even the stacked stone building structures were aligned to various celestial events or constants and heavily overshadowed every aspect of daily life.

It was obvious to me early in my exploration that the sky was important for my successful photographic approach as well. The ruins have been untouched for hundreds of years, but the sky was going to be the dynamic element of a winning shot here.

I had all but given up due to the afternoon cloud cover when the sky quickly started breaking apart just minutes before sunset. I set my camera back up and continued to photograph the rapidly changing atmosphere allowing me to finish off the day successfully with the capture of “City of the Sky”.

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