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Big Sur



With cliffs standing hundreds of feet up above the rocky coves and sharp outcroppings churning with foamy surf and sound, it’s no wonder that many photographers and travelers consider Big Sur and the surrounding area the most dramatic stretch of USA coastline - even internationally so. Along with its rough and primitive natural beauty, Big Sur is a region with a long artistic history, as well as perfectly positioned restaurants and unique resorts and boutique hotels that let you immerse yourself in this world of fogs, coastal redwood forests, grassy hills and undisputed coastal views - especially during sunset - And that was the reason for my highway 101 road trip this time around.  I waited to see if the Sun would peek out under the clouds before retiring another day. It went exactly as planned, and the Sun burst color over the landscape then escaped over the horizon.  Sometimes plans work out just right.

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1099_5 contest.jpg

Limited Editions 500

Artist Proofs 30

Half Moon Bay, California USA

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean

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