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Autumn Dream



McKittrick Canyon, Texas USA

Nestled in the arid Guadalupe Mountains is a truly special place - especially during the fall. McKittrick Canyon is not far from where the mountain range ends in the plunging cliffs of El Capitan. A deep canyon cut into the 2,000 foot limestone heart of these mountains is a place that some call "the most beautiful place in Texas." Most famous for its spectacular fall foliage, thousands of people come to visit this attraction, and hike between the canyon walls that shelter a perennial stream.

This most remote canyon is a confluence of diversity. Trees of the east, north, and west, the grasses of the plains, and the cactus and succulents of the Chihuahuan Desert join with the animal life of both mountain and desert here. McKittrick Canyon is more than a park, it is a collection of special places that you can witness the magical diversity of life in this one canyon.

There were colors of every hue, but “Autumn Dream” had the most sensual orange leaf collection along the hike. Waiting for the wind to pause, I finally snapped this Autumn drenched image.

BetterPhoto Editor Pick
Outdoor Photographer Magazine 9th Annual Nature's Colors Finalist 2018

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