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Alien Eye



Slightly South of Bisti Wilderness Area in New Mexico, an ancient remnant of lush, wetlands and forests in the age of dinosaurs lies desiccated and broken - The Valley Of Dreams. These are small areas were the skin of the land is torn open from erosion to reveal geologic and out of place structures and formations.  And just like Bisti, it completely lacks trails and directions.  

On this adventure, the plan was to find and photograph the Alien Throne and surrounding features as the planet flipped the sun from one side of the horizon to the other.  Even though waterfalls, rain forests, glaciers and mountains are obvious places to soak in the Earth’s energy, I have always returned to the desert - seeking the company of her more primal and subtle soul. The stoic features of the Valley of Dreams is a perfect meeting place of such a search.

“Alien Eye” was among some of the first captures of the Alien Throne as we set up camp for the night.  By using a long lens, I used the sunset clouds to frame the formation along with the sun peeking through.

3152_1 contest.jpg

Limited Editions 100

Artist Proofs 5

Valley of Dreams

Bisti Wilderness Area, New Mexico USA

Oh soooo new, more info coming soon.

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